About Confusedpsychologist



Confusedpsychologist is a  ''Health and Medical'' blogger platform founded by a clinician (Jose) who  studied Clinical medicine and Surgery  with passion for delivering health services to people. Not only that but also a huge interest in the field of clinical medicine .Through out his practice in clinical medicine he has so many good  words of appreciation from both online patients he provide consultation to and also those he helps at the health facility he works from. Therefore most of his content on the blog consists of diseases description of symptoms, signs, treatment and prevention .His blog talks about most common health issues affecting people including different ways to preventing diseases.

Currently he is working at one of the government health facility as a Clinical physician. He also owns a private medical consultation facility located in Chongwe calling it "90care clinic", offering various health services to people.


1.Health blogs:

Most of the information about health and fitness will be provided including the prevention,signs and symptoms  of diseases and also how to treat some selected diseases.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

My mission is to provide high quality medical and general health information to all my audience with easy to understand materials at their own comfort.

This includes health style news supported by big health platforms and also free client to health worker consultation foe free.

Our Vision

Being an online platform,the vision of Confusedpsychologist is to be among the easily accessible health information providers in Zambia.

Our Values

  • Quality: We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do while providing outstanding customer service.

  • Compassion: We care for my audience with empathy and kindness at all times

  • Diversity: We understand the differences in my clients who visit my site very well and necessary measures are in place.

  • Integrity: We are forthright, honest, ethical and respectful.


2.Our Clinic

We have a clinic it's called "90care Clinic" you are all most welcome to our clinic for your health solutions. really we care like a mother to her baby.We don't just provide information  online but  also offer different health services. Our team is dedicated to provide a good quality health care services to our clients.Services range from treatment of different health problems dermatological, cardiovascular gastrointestinal and many more problems. for more details visit https://90careclinic.business.site/