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I was contacted by a scammer on twitter claiming to have alot of money for charity organization

 Example of a social media scam
On this day a scammer caught me up on twitter claiming she is from England and have alot of money for charity organization. She said I should send some money to process my visa card for reception of money in my country Zambia. The Scammer sent a copy of a visa card by UBA but the card expired 3 years ago even if he thought I was so dumb that would fall for such a scam.

Here is the message she sent;

My dearest, how are you doing over there in your country? how is your health and family? I do missed you so much, and It is a very joyful thing to break this good news to you. I am very happy that my funds has been release from UBA bank, and i thank God who make it possible, and now the charity project/assignment has been started over there in Yemen.

My dear, i made a vow to myself that even if you fail to complete the transaction with me, that i must surely compensate you. And i want to inform you that i have successfully transferred the fund through a good friend and partner (Mr.Yousef Farhad). Who was able to assist me complete the transaction from UBA bank in Senegal, and now i have receive my funds in Yemen. Dearest, i have compensated you and show my gratitude to you with a sum of "$30,000 USD" (Thirty Thousand US Dollars).

Please, accept this little gift, because it is from my heart. I have move to Yemen for charity project to commence as i told you before, because i really want to visit the poor, refuges, churches, widows and the needy people there. Meanwhile, i have told UBA bank to process and issued out a certified bank draft cheque of ($30,000 USD) on your behalf, and deposited it with DHL Express courier delivery company, for them to post/deliver it to your house address, so that you can receive it before Two days interval.

This is a foreign bank draft cheque of "$30,000 USD" and you can receive it and go to any bank around you and cashed the fund accordingly. The UBA bank says you can receive the bank cheque and cashed the fund in your country without any problem. Here is the email address of DHL Express delivery company in Senegal. Please contact DHL office through their email address and phone number here.
Director in charge : Mr.Philip Edward (CEO).
Website :
Telephone : +221-708042953
Amount : $30,000 USD.
Email Address : (
Thanks and have a nice day,
Ms.Benita Brown.  

Loan Scam
Enquired with this person about loan as i was in a bit of financial difficulties then proceed on to ask me for my personal details. Later on told me my loan was approved but need to either pay deposit or meet his worker face to face to verify. I then chose to meet and he gave me an address to go. Upon reaching the unit after sending photo coincidentally the owner was leaving home, i then proceed to clarify with the owner to only realise i was made used to check on another person whom had owed UML. We then made an police report and investigation is still pending.

Impersonation ScamAlert!

I received an incoming call from this number (9684777) which happened to be an automated voice message when i picked up, saying i have a parcel from singpost and press "2" to speak to the customer service officer (didnt mentioned the purpose of the call). So i pressed "2" and this man asked my nric number and my full name (he asked me to spell it out). I immediately felt suspicious of course and questioned him, he said he needed the information to book the item send to me. ( i was sure as i havent ordered anything), then he mentioned that the sender's details of the parcel is on my name so i have to talk to Guangzhou Interpol officer, he gave me the parcel number and other details and transfer my call to Interpol officer, he was trying to threaten me and telling me that i have to go to Guangzhou to launch a complaint else you will be in trouble. I said i am in Singapore then he asked me to go to a website ( and check the number, till time i googled about them and find that its a scam and cut the call. Please be aware and don't share any details to them even though it's a Singapore number and automated voice message.


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Scammer got a loan using my bank details

Here is a story about scams in Zambia. It happened in September 2018
Scammer claimed to have connections with people who can make my father's pension be paid faster. It was an irritating story how I have been traveling to Lusaka for my father's package after he died. But through Facebook a Scammer inboxed me that he could help me through his uncle who worked from the pensions offices.He calmed to me that i would have the money paid instantly. It all turned to be a loan scam.

After asking for my details including the bank details he managed to get a loan from the worst financial institution called getBuks in Lusaka. The getBuks financial services are the dumbest in everything they do. Not competent and easy to scam. They are agents of Scammers.
He got ZMW15k too bad.

Loan Scam
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