Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology PDF Download

There are 68 chapters in total in the book, some of which are:

  1. Morphology and Physiology of Bacteria
  2. Culture Media
  3. Bacterial Taxonomy
  4. Infection
  5. Immunity
  6. Antigens
  7. Complement system
  8. Hypersensitivity
  9. Staphylococcus
  10. Streptococcus
  11. Mycobacterium I: Tuberculosis
  12. General Properties of Viruses
  13. Herpes Viruses
  14. Arbo Viruses
  15. Rhabdo Viruses
  16. Medical Mycology

Download here:Ananthanarayan & Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology PDF

Essentials of Medical Microbiology Surinder Kumar PDF

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of content presented in the Essentials of Medical Microbiology PDF:

SECTION #1: General Bacteriology

  1. Historical Development of Microbiology
  2. Microscopy
  3. Morphology of Bacteria
  4. Physiology of Bacteria
  5. Sterilization and Disinfection
  6. Culture Media
  7. Culture Methods
  8. Identification of Bacteria
  9. Bacterial Taxonomy
  10. Bacterial Genetics
  11. Infection

Other sections include the following:

SECTION #2: Immunology

SECTION #3: Systemic Bacteriology

SECTION #4: Virology

SECTION #5: Medical Mycology

SECTION #6: Miscellaneous

SECTION #7: Diagnostic Medical Microbiology

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Essentials of Medical Microbiology – Sastry PDF

Features of Essentials of Microbiology Apurba Sankar Sastry

  • This book would change the general feeling of the students regarding immunology as being a difficult section into immunology as an interesting and enjoyable topic.
  • Virology section has been given a new look with the updated matter and recent concepts.
  • Mycology content is enhanced with >75 images.

This book would definitely full fill the long-time demand of the UG students of not having a proper coverage of mycology in the UG textbooks.

Summary boxes are added for quick review such as i)  Treatment guidelines Summary boxes, ii) Laboratory diagnosis Summary boxes, iii) Highlight box for the important area. More than >600 images are added (More than two times than any other existing books). >200 Schematic diagrams are drawn in a user-friendly manner. >400 More real images are added, keeping in the view of image-based MCQs in PG entrances. More than 300 table are included for better understanding.

Advanced and newer PG entrance oriented topics covered– H1N1, Ebola, Polio eradication, ESBL, VRSA, VRE, automation and molecular methods in microbiology etc.  Clinical Case-based essay questions and MCQs are incorporated at end of each chapter, to reinforce the students to prepare for future exams

Download here:Essentials of Medical Microbiology – Sastry

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