Table of contents

1.Android apps

2.Medical downloads

1.Android apps

1.1 90care clinic App

App screenshot

Download  Android  App Here

Why use our app?

The app tells you a Diagnosis  after typing in your complaints!!

Here are the components with their descriptions;

BLOG: where u can read useful health articles.

CLINIC: it’s for available services at “90care clinic”

APPOINT: for appointment if you what to make appointment with me on whatsApp

DIAG: is an online diagnosis tool. A person enters what they feel and the app will tell them a diagnosis.

CHAT: is for chatting. We can be chatting as a group whoever has that app. A community for everyone

SOCIAL: is for my Facebook page. Anyone can log into Their account as well.downloads

2. Medical Downloads

Click on the link to download

Latest Standard Treatment Guideline Zambia

Download BNF latest here PDF

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